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Armaan's Moto: Rome Was Not Built In A Day

Professionally: Armaan received his B.B.A with a concentration in Management Information Systems at the University of Memphis in May of 2018. He went on to start his career as a Technology Consultant at Accenture. During Armaan's time at Accenture, he worked on a pioneer Salesforce Field Service Lightning project for a major energy supplier in the northeastern United States. Accenture helped Armaan grow a lot and taught him new skills such as project planning, solution and designing of a platform, implementation lifecycle, and a bit about testing and quality assurance.

In July of 2019 Armaan had the opportunity to change companies and work as a remote Salesforce Consultant. A role that gave him more time to focus on himself and be closer to family. Armaan is currently employed at Tata Consultancy Services, being in a remote job has benefitted Armaan in numerous aspects. One of which is time to focus on his own health and wellbeing, time that a traditional role would have consumed with the commute to office and traffic.

At Tata, Armaan has the opportunity to work with Practice Directors, Senior Managers, and Leadership on project proposals, project bids, and platform solution and design. Furthermore, he has had the chance to work on DevOps transformation projects and Service Cloud implementation projects. All while still contributing to potential Field Service Lightning opportunities for TCS.

What Others Have To Say:

"I'm very impressed at how quickly he hit the ground running and inserted himself in many key places in the business. The effort had a tremendous positive effect both on the project and his team members." - Manager at Accenture

"Armaan was flexible and willing to take on new challenge. He was a natural relationship builder. Throughout the project he built trusted relationships with the client, as well as bridging functional and technical conversations with the product owners. I would highly recommend Armaan to anyone who wants to work with him" - Scrum Master at Accenture

"Armaan demonstrated leadership among our peers with confidence. When presented with challenges, his enthusiasm for learning propelled Armaan's ability to quickly grasp difficult concepts and share his knowledge with others." - Coworker

Personally: Armaan is someone who has drive, determination, and heart, he is funny and approachable, and is easy to talk to but never forgets his roots. He cares about others and enjoys being around people. Armaan cares about the world and things that can help make it better. Some of these are Gender Equality, Pay Gap, Racial Equality, and just being human and kind to others.

One way Armaan tries to help the world is through community service, he has helped survey homeless in LA, served in soup kitchens in Nashville, picked up trash in Santa Monica, cleaned up after a tornado ran through Holly Springs, MS and more. He believes through small acts of service it creates a chain reaction for those that have been helped when in a position to help others, they will.

Armaan enjoys time spent with family and close friends, reading personal growth books, searching for investment opportunities, exercising and cooking healthy foods, spontaneous travel, finding the most instagramable place in the city, and window shopping that ends up becoming actual shopping. He likes to try new things, recently Armaan has tried new exercise methods such as kickboxing and yoga. He loves kayaking, road trip sing a longs, coffee shop conversations, and exploring new places.

What Family and Friends Have To Say:

"Armaan is curious, adventurous, and kind." - Family

"He is a funny, reliable, and consistent friend! Fun to be around and knows how to engage in conversation while still being real and genuine" - Friend

"Someone who is funny, approachable, and easy to talk to." - Cousin

"Armaan is an amazing, funny, and loyal guy who will always be there for you no matter what!" - Childhood Friend

"Armaan is someone who has drive, determination and heart but never forgets where he came from." - Cousin

"As a forward thinker with an eye for adventure despite not knowing the destination, Armaan continues to find the meaning of success in his life. " - Friend and former coworker